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Hey everyone!!!! My name is Kelly Scott. I started doing zumba with hollie back in 2010. I liked it it was alot of fun but it wasn't until she added pound rock out workout shortly after she opened her business that i absolutely fell in love. I wasn't the workout type of girl..matter of fact when i got married i couldn't fit into my dress and instead of working out to lose weight to fit in the dress i just said ahhh just add more material. Pound has changed my life. I have lost 30 lbs and have gained so much confidence :) I have such a positive  lookout on life now its incredible!!!!! The people who attend classes at holliewood are amazing!! Its like we are a huge family!! Always supporting each other and always there to encourage each other. I have met some amazing people at in closing i just wanna say a huge thanx to hollie for everything u do!!! Love ya girl <3


Last day of the 21 day fix= -9lbs -11 inches, now for those that bash this diet... 1) no diet is a fix, and nobody on this believes that in 21 days our body's will be where we want them to be, 2) however, it teaches important tools about healthy eating, portion control, and exercise. 3) it's a lifestyle change if followed correctly, not just 21 days!
It's not a fad, it's an education.
I, for one, would have never attempted to even begin to eat anything green had I not dedica...te myself to succeed at this. I'm no health food expert, I honestly just ate whatever I wanted and exercised my whole life, not thinking about what's healthy or what's not! I did this for me, not to get super skinny, but to get healthy and am I healthy 21 days in? No, but I do feel 100% healthier than I did before I started, have more energy, and have learned a lot on this short little journey. My body now consumes greens and fruits, and I don't have to do it with a clothespin attached to my nose:) I'm now going to continue to eat healthy, and yes I will probably occasionally enjoy a pizza or what not, but now I know what a normal portion is, not the heaping plates you get at a restaurant! People diet for different reasons, but whatever the reason, you support them, that's how they succeed! The most important thing they need, is support because without it, many will fail! Thank you to my supporters!

Tammy Seelbach


So I am now coming up on my 1 year anniversary of WLS. I have undergone a complete Lifestyle change and am better for it. During my journey I had Complications but I would undergo the entire process again, because to use use a Quote by unknown, "It is not the weight lost, but the Life gained". And with this weight loss I feel I have gained that, a new extension on life. Many people both old and new have supported / encouraged me and continue to do so when it gets rough. ... So I want to thank you all as I say good bye to the old me and hello to the new.

Extra thanks to Hollie Raux, Kristen Ball, Ashley, and all the regulars at HollieWood Dance and Fitness for making me feel at home and enjoying all the classes even with the 99 to 1 ratio of men to women.

NOTE: You all got me to do Zumba a few times, but "Flirty girl Fitness" is still a no go!!!! LOL

Jerry Geter



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